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Thursday, December 29, 2011

mY fAvOuRiTe KpOp IdOl

The youngest member of SNSD. Being the only child in her family, 
she feels thankful to gained eight older sisters through SNSD.
She is known for her upright personality.
Seohyun loves sweet potato so much that she claimed she’d pick 
sweet potatoes over male. In the make-believe marriage variety show 
‘We Got Married’, she was coupled with CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa and 
they were given the nickname “Sweet Potato Couple”.
Her favorite anime is Keroro Gunsou.
Seohyun’s favorite male celebrity is Johnny Depp.
She also loves manga / dorama Nodame Cantabile.
Her idol is UN’s General Secretary Ban Ki-moon.
Seohyun hates unhealthy foods.
Seohyun plays piano since she was very young, she started 
to learn guitar during her participation in ‘We Got Married’.
Stage Name: Seo Hyun (서현)
Birth Name: Seo Joo Hyun (서주현)
Nickname: Maknae, Seororo
Motto: If your dream is alive, then one day it will come true.


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